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No Residue Products

December 11, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

If you are looking for a tamper evident security labels and tapes that is do not leave any residue when removed from surfaces you are in the right place. Revolutionary No Residue products are the best solutions for your business. No Residue labels have versatile adhesive that works on smooth glass like, metal, some plastics, and similar high energy surfaces.

The full potential of No Residue products shines through repeated re-application necessary in machines and security devices requiring periodic use, adjustments and calibration. No Residue products remain firmly in place between uses and leave no residue on the surface after removal during regular maintenance.

Some applications of No Residue products include:

  • Computer and electronic devices for warranty
  • Calibration control for electronic devices
  • Aviation – Cabinets and boxes-
  • Police departments
  • ATM and cash machines
  • Cabinets in the offices for security reasons
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Sensitive surfaces

Understanding our client’s demands for high performing products Terakom Enterprises Inc. offers customization of all Terabant products for almost a wide range of high performance applications. Our design department can provide you with the support to make it happen.

In addition to the unique security features, our No Residue labels also perform where durability, moisture, temperature, and solvent resistant bar code labeling is needed.

Labels are pre-printed with option of text, graphics, barcodes, sequential numbering, or your own unique data requirements.

As Terakom Enterprises Inc. we would like to help our customers to pick a right label type, printing, use any time, every time, always…

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Money and Tamper Evidence Industry

June 17, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

Let’s face it-working with money is tough. Working at money transport security is even tougher. For 90% of global population, money is hard to come by and everyone wants it.  And sometimes means of getting it are far from legal. Sometimes money transports are treated like a local ATM, walk up, pull a fast one and make away with thousands and millions of hard earned dollars.

And that means no money with for wages of hard working people that depend on the money safely reaching its destination. No money for companies means no money for laborers working hard to feed and clothe their families and put their kid’s trough school. Money touches all facets of society. It is the bloodstream of the modern world. And without it we cannot survive.

This is why cash logistics service providers such as Garda are crucial. By combining tight security, carefully pre-screened and heavily trained security personnel with the latest in money, coin and valuables transport security solutions they make sure money gets to its intended destination.

To ensure safe transport, money, coins and valuables are packed in a sealed security bags, transferred to armored trucks and transported to final destination. To prevent security breaches from loading to delivery point, cash logistics service providers seal the bags and packages with tamper evident security tapes and labels that provide visual evidence of in process tapering. With variety of tamper proof security solutions to choose from, the most popular are certainly the most advanced innovations such as DNA and hidden message evident proofing.

Benefits to clients, cash logistics service providers and the community are significant.

The clients can rest east by knowing that their assets and cash flow are protected, security programs enhanced and theft risks and costs reduced.

Cash logistics service providers gain an edge over competitors’ trough latest tamper evident technology. An edge that means- more clients, more contracts, more revenue, better reputation and an increasingly leading role in cash logistics service provider market.

And for the rest of us, there is a peace of mind that our paycheck will not be late and that our job is secure.

Tamper evident industry comes through once again, making this world just a little bit better and just that much safer.

For the latest solutions for cash logistics service providers consult Terakom Enterprises today!

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Tamper Evident Solutions for Bag Applications

April 29, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

While many tamper evident solutions exist for glass, metal, paper, plastic and carton surfaces, a special class of tamper evident products is used for plastic bags. Plastic bags are used in variety of industries for shipping, transport and storage of a great variety of products, from money to retail products to biohazard materials. Due to wide range of applications, plastic bags are a convenient packaging medium in banking, medicine, pharmaceutical, criminology, investigation and air security sectors. With respect to sensitivity of practices, goods and materials involved, their conjunction with reliable tamper evident and anti–counterfeiting measures is essential. The requirement is conveniently filled by tamper evident tapes, which added to bags creates an affordable, customizable and reliable product for global industries. The resulting tamper evident packaging system, which, based on its intrinsic qualities, intended use, industry and a degree of customization, is divided into following few categories:

  1. Biohazard bags
  2. Deposit bags
  3. Vault bags
  4. Evidence bags
  5. Duty free bags
  6. Coin bags
  7. Single pocket bags

Each is designed for a particular task in targeted industry sector. All are a functional combination of a pliable plastic bag and built in tamper evident tape with hidden tamper evident features that activate when tape is removed from bag surface. Depending on use, tape to bag interface can be:

  1. Fold-over
  2. Flat

While the way in which tape is applied to bag differs, both have the same self-sealing mechanism and security features such as heat and cold tamper evident protection and hidden messages. While most customers opt for a standard “Void” and “Opened” message, tamper evident industry supports a great variety of customized messages supported in a great number of languages. Tampering attempts such as subjecting a bag to cold and/or heat in order to remove the tape from the bag surface reveal a hidden message that varies according to the tampering method used. Once displayed hidden message is permanent and acts as reliable and easy visual inspection tamper evidence indicating package security has been breached. Early detection provides companies worldwide with millions in saved costs resulting from security breaches consequences.

Keeping in line with emerging challenges tamper evidence industry keeps coming up with new ways to provide increased security solutions. From thermo chromic ink to self wounding features there seem to be end in tamper evident custom solutions for bag applications. With innovation pool just starting to become harvested, the opportunities are really limitless and future for industries depending on tamper evident packaging solutions bright.

To find out the right tamper evident packaging solution for your business contact Terabant today!

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Evolve or Perish: Tamper Evident Security Tape and Label Technologies

March 26, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

Like in any industry, coming up with new technological solutions is necessary in order to keep up with increasing market demands. It is a small wonder then, that millions of dollars are invested annually in a multi sector research and development charged with providing them. As much as by rapidly increasing market, the need for advancement is fueled by fierce and rapidly emerging competition. Let face it, just because one company thought of something, does not mean the next guy didn’t. While some markets are slowing down due to inability to come up with new offers to meet market demand and beat the competition and eventually crashing due to revenue losses, others are able to evolve and stay on a successful, long and rewarding journey toward high end technological platform. Nowhere is this evident more than in tamper evident security tape and label industry.

Long gone are days where safe shipping meant sticking on a stamp and sending a package on its merry way, never giving a second taught if it would safely reach its destination. Predictably, growing into a global village has brought about growing pains in ways that could not be avoided. All of a sudden having a really appealing product meant everyone else wanted one.  And not necessarily by buying their own. By any means necessary. Overnight, industries across the world found themselves struggling with increasing security breaches and buckling under incurring damages. In desperation they turned toward newly emerging tamper evident security product industry.

While initially tamper evident product industry was able to meet increased security demands trough simple yet effective solutions to basic theft and tapering, new challenges rapidly emerged. High profile theft. Security Breaches. Shipment Tampering. Compromised  Evidence. Airport Security Threats. Bombs. Falling Airplanes. Terrorism.

As stakes got higher, so did the challenges for tamper evident security. Existing solutions slowly failed to deliver and became obsolete. Luckily, thanks to great leadership and highly specialized and qualified workforce, tamper evident industry bravely took on new challenges and evolved starting a new age in security products industry. Today a discerning customer can choose from a large range of security solutions for a variety of applications. The offer goes from applications for plastic bag, corrugated boxes, Tyvek, metal, paper and textile surfaces, to adhesive single and double sided products, temper evident message and self-voiding products, stretch wrap products, colored and thermochromic ink tamper evident products, water gum tamper evident, heat-sensitive and non-transfer products.

Based on intended use, industry sector and product characteristic, there is a wide number of tamper evident security tape and label solutions available. Industries worldwide can breathe a little easier knowing there are a number of experts working hard to provide the latest in security technology. And old adage –Evolve or Perish – is proven true once again. Welcome to 21st century.  The age of tamper evident security tape and label industry.

To learn more about latest tamper evident security tape and label solutions, consult the global expert, Terabant, division of Terakom Enterprises Inc. for Group Tera.

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Protect Yourself! Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels

March 20, 2010 Leave a comment

By Nina Ozunal

Tamper-evident security is the only way to fully guarantee unadulteration of content, time and quality sensitive products undergoing shipping, delivery, transport, storage and related handling processes. Once released, it is vital to know that the products have not in any way been altered from manufacturing to destination point. Food and pharmaceutical items essential to daily life of every person globally have especially been subject to tempering and resulting threat alerts. In addition to global trend of monetary and security breaches it comes as no surprise that Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels have become and remain a necessary and unavoidable reality for over 98% of businesses across a variety of industry sectors world-wide.

Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels have a wide range of applications in security, shipping, holding and delivery industry sectors. Due to nature of business, pharmaceutical sector, money transfers and police proof transport stand to yield the highest benefits from quality tamper evidence products. As current trends clearly indicate, good tamper evident security products significantly ease daily activities of such businesses, by creating significant savings trough reduced security breaches, minimized product and services losses and decreased investigative and recovery costs.

It is of utter importance to purchase Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels from suppliers with a wide product and applicability range. It is incomparably more efficient and convenient to obtain few products from the same supplier than individually, in terms of product information, testing and customer support benefits. Suppliers with various types of Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels, have a superior and more extensive information and know-how of inner workings, application possibilities, strengths and weakness of each individual product, which reduces product implementation time and costs.

In terms of product variety and intended nature Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels come in a variety of printing media such as acetate, vinyl and many more, inks such as color shifting and thermochromic ink, with applicability to paper, plastic, metal, corrugated cardboard, envelopes, and Tyvek, security seals in dot, barbell, square metallic, translucent, monochrome and color tamper proof accents, with visible and  invisible void and custom messages, multiple destruct or release options.

For more information on tamper evident security tapes and labels, consult Terakom security products directory.

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