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Medical Industry: Our Priority

April 17, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

We can never be too careful where medicine is concerned. It is an industry with the smallest margin of errors. Medical errors cost lives and all lives are precious. It is an essential system that permeates all facets of professional and personal life. Medicine is in business of keeping us healthy and alive.

Due to stakes involved, medicine cannot afford mistakes such as medicine tampering. It cannot work with malfunctioning equipment and contaminated surgical devices. It cannot use malfunctioning incubators, life support systems, compromised anesthesia, contaminated syringes, blood workup and test result samples. Everything must be in top shape. It goes even further.  Patient privacy must be preserved at all costs. All medical history must be kept private.  Wanting to do so and dealing with the world where tampering, theft and terrorism have gone high wire poses a significant challenge.

But fear not. Medical industry takes strong and definite measures to make sure this does not happen. It a service sector most open to tamper evidence security systems. Not just that it is willing and ready to use the various solutions offered it takes great length to provide logistic backing to implementation of new security solutions.  There are a good number of well-defined legislatures, guidelines, requirements, conditions and criteria put in place to regulate the use of tamper security products in medical field.

Strict rules exist for tamper evident packaging products application for OTC’s, complementary medicines, prescription medicines, medical devices and twopiece hard gelatin capsule products.  Not just anything will do. Tamper evident products must meet certain criteria for packaging, innovation level, labeling and intended use.

Products currently deemed accepted  by medical industry are film wrappers, blister or strip packs, bubble packs, heat shrink bands or wrappers, foil, paper or plastic pouches, bottle mouth inner seals, tape seals, breakable caps, sealed metal tubes or plastic blind-end heat sealed tubes, aerosol containers, cardboard cartons, and  in-built tamper-evident controls. Even then they are a subject to ongoing internal validation, annual review and changes to acceptable criteria to assure peak performance.

Tamper evident products that do not meet the criteria are rejected. Some examples are tape seals with permanent adhesives, paper, thermal plastic, polystyrene foam bottle seals and cellulose wet shrink seals of sealed cartons.

It does not stop there. Due to amount of shipping and distribution that goes on in medical industry globally, tamper evident solutions are needed and used for distribution and shipping.

With such thigh control, medical industry stands to gain the most from tamper evident industry innovations. Thankfully tamper evident industry keeps coming up with new innovative products targeted to medical industry. From new label and tape technologies to new way of delivering tamper evident messages and taking new requirements in stride.

Medical industry has you back. We have Medical Industry’s back. And together we make this world a little bit safer for everyone.

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