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No Residue Products

December 11, 2010 Comments off

By Nina Ozunal

If you are looking for a tamper evident security labels and tapes that is do not leave any residue when removed from surfaces you are in the right place. Revolutionary No Residue products are the best solutions for your business. No Residue labels have versatile adhesive that works on smooth glass like, metal, some plastics, and similar high energy surfaces.

The full potential of No Residue products shines through repeated re-application necessary in machines and security devices requiring periodic use, adjustments and calibration. No Residue products remain firmly in place between uses and leave no residue on the surface after removal during regular maintenance.

Some applications of No Residue products include:

  • Computer and electronic devices for warranty
  • Calibration control for electronic devices
  • Aviation – Cabinets and boxes-
  • Police departments
  • ATM and cash machines
  • Cabinets in the offices for security reasons
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Sensitive surfaces

Understanding our client’s demands for high performing products Terakom Enterprises Inc. offers customization of all Terabant products for almost a wide range of high performance applications. Our design department can provide you with the support to make it happen.

In addition to the unique security features, our No Residue labels also perform where durability, moisture, temperature, and solvent resistant bar code labeling is needed.

Labels are pre-printed with option of text, graphics, barcodes, sequential numbering, or your own unique data requirements.

As Terakom Enterprises Inc. we would like to help our customers to pick a right label type, printing, use any time, every time, always…

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