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Money and Tamper Evidence Industry

June 17, 2010

By Nina Ozunal

Let’s face it-working with money is tough. Working at money transport security is even tougher. For 90% of global population, money is hard to come by and everyone wants it.  And sometimes means of getting it are far from legal. Sometimes money transports are treated like a local ATM, walk up, pull a fast one and make away with thousands and millions of hard earned dollars.

And that means no money with for wages of hard working people that depend on the money safely reaching its destination. No money for companies means no money for laborers working hard to feed and clothe their families and put their kid’s trough school. Money touches all facets of society. It is the bloodstream of the modern world. And without it we cannot survive.

This is why cash logistics service providers such as Garda are crucial. By combining tight security, carefully pre-screened and heavily trained security personnel with the latest in money, coin and valuables transport security solutions they make sure money gets to its intended destination.

To ensure safe transport, money, coins and valuables are packed in a sealed security bags, transferred to armored trucks and transported to final destination. To prevent security breaches from loading to delivery point, cash logistics service providers seal the bags and packages with tamper evident security tapes and labels that provide visual evidence of in process tapering. With variety of tamper proof security solutions to choose from, the most popular are certainly the most advanced innovations such as DNA and hidden message evident proofing.

Benefits to clients, cash logistics service providers and the community are significant.

The clients can rest east by knowing that their assets and cash flow are protected, security programs enhanced and theft risks and costs reduced.

Cash logistics service providers gain an edge over competitors’ trough latest tamper evident technology. An edge that means- more clients, more contracts, more revenue, better reputation and an increasingly leading role in cash logistics service provider market.

And for the rest of us, there is a peace of mind that our paycheck will not be late and that our job is secure.

Tamper evident industry comes through once again, making this world just a little bit better and just that much safer.

For the latest solutions for cash logistics service providers consult Terakom Enterprises today!

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