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Tamper Evident Solutions for Bag Applications

April 29, 2010

By Nina Ozunal

While many tamper evident solutions exist for glass, metal, paper, plastic and carton surfaces, a special class of tamper evident products is used for plastic bags. Plastic bags are used in variety of industries for shipping, transport and storage of a great variety of products, from money to retail products to biohazard materials. Due to wide range of applications, plastic bags are a convenient packaging medium in banking, medicine, pharmaceutical, criminology, investigation and air security sectors. With respect to sensitivity of practices, goods and materials involved, their conjunction with reliable tamper evident and anti–counterfeiting measures is essential. The requirement is conveniently filled by tamper evident tapes, which added to bags creates an affordable, customizable and reliable product for global industries. The resulting tamper evident packaging system, which, based on its intrinsic qualities, intended use, industry and a degree of customization, is divided into following few categories:

  1. Biohazard bags
  2. Deposit bags
  3. Vault bags
  4. Evidence bags
  5. Duty free bags
  6. Coin bags
  7. Single pocket bags

Each is designed for a particular task in targeted industry sector. All are a functional combination of a pliable plastic bag and built in tamper evident tape with hidden tamper evident features that activate when tape is removed from bag surface. Depending on use, tape to bag interface can be:

  1. Fold-over
  2. Flat

While the way in which tape is applied to bag differs, both have the same self-sealing mechanism and security features such as heat and cold tamper evident protection and hidden messages. While most customers opt for a standard “Void” and “Opened” message, tamper evident industry supports a great variety of customized messages supported in a great number of languages. Tampering attempts such as subjecting a bag to cold and/or heat in order to remove the tape from the bag surface reveal a hidden message that varies according to the tampering method used. Once displayed hidden message is permanent and acts as reliable and easy visual inspection tamper evidence indicating package security has been breached. Early detection provides companies worldwide with millions in saved costs resulting from security breaches consequences.

Keeping in line with emerging challenges tamper evidence industry keeps coming up with new ways to provide increased security solutions. From thermo chromic ink to self wounding features there seem to be end in tamper evident custom solutions for bag applications. With innovation pool just starting to become harvested, the opportunities are really limitless and future for industries depending on tamper evident packaging solutions bright.

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