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Chemical Industry: Safety in a Test Tube!

April 8, 2010

By Nina Ozunal

Chemical industry is a major driving force behind our economy. Without chemistry there is no life. Chemical products and solutions have found their way in our everyday life and they are there to stay. New innovations, new technologies, more potent products are all paving the way to the top- who will come up with stronger chemical industry.  It is not all self-serving. Disinfectants, cleaning and antiseptic solutions, new polymers and materials, packaging and writing media and tools, tints, colors, films and bottles, all make our lives easier and better. To get there, many chemicals are used and majority is toxic and not user friendly.

Such potent products require safe handling and transport.  Increased safety is never overrated when dealing with heavy chemical solutions used in everyday chemical production. There are chemicals out there that should be kept out of environment and out of contact with general population.

Thankfully, chemical industry is a serious worker. Industry experts work hard every day to prevent toxic spills, pollution and chemical exposure. Safe transport remains on high alert at all times. There are, however, always unforeseen events, accidents and yes even terrorism. Taken to a chemical level it can cause real problems, habitat erosion and poisoning.

To level out the playing filed and protect unsuspecting consumer and environment, chemical industry leaders are pouring more and more of their hard earned revenue into advanced security solutions. New ways to prevent product tampering have been steadily incorporated into chemical industry trough dedicated attempts to minimize threats. Tamper evidence applications are extending from use in plastic bags, to paper, plastic and yes even metal packaging and storage. Chemical equipment is delivered safely and technicians can breathe easier knowing that sterile test tubes really are delivered as such, so analysis can be performed with certainty and precision. As exact science chemistry has very small range for errors. And lives depend on reliable and clean results.

By providing the latest in tamper evidence solutions, from tamper evident tapes, labels and seals to tamper evident test tube closures, caps and lining to tamper evident food containers and home-test packaging, large tamper security companies are successfully meeting the need of chemical industry for higher transport and storage safety. Thanks to their efforts there is a new generation of tamper evident products custom tailored for chemical industry. The world can breathe easier knowing there are experts backing up safety promises of safe chemical transport and storage, chemical technicians can do their job reliably and confidently and the environment can stay safe, as long as tamper security industry is here. We deliver on our promises, from safety for a world or safety in a test tube – we can deliver.

For more information on tamper evident product solutions for chemical industry contact Terakom Enterprises Inc.

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