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Security Shield: Tamper Evident Labels and Tapes in Pharmaceutical Industry

March 31, 2010

By Nina Ozunal

Secure storage, transport and shipping of content sensitive products intended for human use and consumption is paramount.  The more sensitive the product and its application is, the higher the need for secure and reliable ways of preserving its original content and functionality. Nowhere is this more evident that in pharmaceutical industry. Whereas pharmaceutical industry provides a great variety of products, the most widely used are pharmaceutical medicines, prescriptions, OTC’s, natural medicines and vitamins. Medical pharmaceutical products are a core of our health system as such a fundamental component of both modern and traditional medicine. It is essential that such products are kept safe, effective, and of good quality.

Due to their intended administration trough oral, buccal, dental, nasal, ottic, ophtalmic, irrigation, topical and transdermal in humans, it is absolutely necessary to ensure preservation of the medical pharmaceutical products in peak manufactured condition in transition from production site to the consumer.  Failure to do so may result in a compromised product that could, depending on degree of tampering, potentially cause harm to the intended consumer, leading to lawsuits, investigations and incurred damages.

Global pharmaceutical market is a big business, bringing in billions of dollars in annual revenues, representing multinational consumer market across the world. Recent numbers indicate that it accounts for as much as 8% of world trade, averaging at $400 billion and raising. Such a big operation is never without problems.  Already there are world wide reports of pharmaceutical product security breaches, tampering, even theft, leaving consumer unsafe and companies struggling to attain increased security measures. As expected, pharmaceutical industry is taking the threat seriously, by commencing active implementation of new security systems and solutions.

Tamper security tapes and labels have proven to be a particularly well suited security solution for pharmaceutical industry.  The ease and wide range of application makes tamper security products an ideal and the most popular means of solving pharmaceutical industry security issues. With a great track record of effective theft and tampering prevention, use of tamper security products is becoming an increasing trend in pharmaceutical industry. In response to increasing threats, the rapidly changing and innovative tamper evident industry is rapidly adapting and coming up with newer and better security products for pharmaceutical application. The current offers range from seals, security bags, standard tamper resistant tapes and labels to specialized products such as tapes with colored and thermochromic ink, self wounding and self voiding products, holographic label coatings, tags with supplied UV or IR for high security applications, random serialization, to hidden messages, heat-sensitive and non-transfer products, covering a variety of media such as plastic, metal, paper and more. So diversified, tamper evident security products have a great variety of pharmaceutical applications in production,  storage and distribution stages, dealing with medical packaging, medical transport and shipping, medical storage and warehousing, as well as with medical storage containers, test tube samples, dangerous chemicals, medical cases and vials, computer hardware and software and office desk drawers security.

When consumer security is in question, tamper evidence security industry leaves no room for error, takes no prisoners and leaves nothing to chance. The tamper evidence industry shields pharmaceutical company and a consumer with uttermost consciousness. Always on guard, always there, always reliable. We are the new future of security system solutions. And we are here to stay.

For more information on tamper evidence security products, tapes and labels for pharmaceutical industry applications, you may consult, Terabant, a division of Terakom Enterprises Inc today.

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