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Fly Safe: Airport Security and Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels

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By Nina Ozunal

Considering recent breaches in airport security, it is no wonder that providing increased security has become the highest priority of tamper evidence product suppliers globally. Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels are particularly well suited for airport security. Following new global security recommendations, there is an increasing organized trend of common security precautions being taken in order to minimize the risks involved, involving and limitation on products such as liquids, aerosol, and variety of related categories.

By implementing Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels in these measures, a new dimension of security is added as breaches are easily detected trough simple visual inspection and rectified by simple one step process application of qualified regulatory bodies. While there is some lag time in global implementation of new measures, it is no doubt that major air travel retailers will act to provide their passengers with the latest in highest quality security solutions.

Approval and implementation of new sealed tamper evident bags for duty free liquid transport on local and international flights clearly indicate a welcome change desperately needed in today’s high risk travel. Further introduction of new security tapes, bags and tamper evident messages, such as partial, total and non-transfer tamper evident applications, top and bottom leading sealed security bags, pouches and envelopes, medical equipments security seals, as well as water proof, light weight, clear, opaque, self sealing tapes and labels, applicable to a great variety of substrate surfaces indicate the issue of airport security issues is being effectively addressed.

While some security bags may be available through airports, authorities insist that that the only way to obtain reliable airport security is by consulting and obtaining innovative and definitive security solutions from qualified suppliers with great understating of global security issues, global coverage and good variety of products able meet unique needs of each client. Needles to say, in sight of increasing demand, the price to value ration varies greatly from supplier to supplier, with innovative solutions carrying higher prices often being justified in order to reach the ultimate in airport security safety.

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