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Protect Yourself! Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels

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By Nina Ozunal

Tamper-evident security is the only way to fully guarantee unadulteration of content, time and quality sensitive products undergoing shipping, delivery, transport, storage and related handling processes. Once released, it is vital to know that the products have not in any way been altered from manufacturing to destination point. Food and pharmaceutical items essential to daily life of every person globally have especially been subject to tempering and resulting threat alerts. In addition to global trend of monetary and security breaches it comes as no surprise that Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels have become and remain a necessary and unavoidable reality for over 98% of businesses across a variety of industry sectors world-wide.

Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels have a wide range of applications in security, shipping, holding and delivery industry sectors. Due to nature of business, pharmaceutical sector, money transfers and police proof transport stand to yield the highest benefits from quality tamper evidence products. As current trends clearly indicate, good tamper evident security products significantly ease daily activities of such businesses, by creating significant savings trough reduced security breaches, minimized product and services losses and decreased investigative and recovery costs.

It is of utter importance to purchase Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels from suppliers with a wide product and applicability range. It is incomparably more efficient and convenient to obtain few products from the same supplier than individually, in terms of product information, testing and customer support benefits. Suppliers with various types of Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels, have a superior and more extensive information and know-how of inner workings, application possibilities, strengths and weakness of each individual product, which reduces product implementation time and costs.

In terms of product variety and intended nature Tamper Evident Security Tapes and Labels come in a variety of printing media such as acetate, vinyl and many more, inks such as color shifting and thermochromic ink, with applicability to paper, plastic, metal, corrugated cardboard, envelopes, and Tyvek, security seals in dot, barbell, square metallic, translucent, monochrome and color tamper proof accents, with visible and  invisible void and custom messages, multiple destruct or release options.

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